How to deploy

Be sure to have a GitHub account, click the Deploy to Netlify button, connect Netlify to GitHub, configure the name and there you have it!


Screenshot showing Deploy to Netlify button on Indiego home page
Click this button to Deploy!

Indiego is designed to be easy to deploy. Using The Power of Netlify, a rather splendid website deployment service, you can have your own site up and running within 2 minutes! No, really.

  1. Make sure you have a GitHub or GitLab account.
  2. Click the Deploy button on Indiego home page or use this one: Deploy to Netlify
  3. Connect Netlify to GitHub or GitLab
  4. Name your project repository

Obviously, Indiego is just a starter kit, so you will need to enter your details in the configuration file config.yml. That is the subject of the next thrilling instalment of Working with Indiego.

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