List of things you’ll need

This is a list of things you’ll need to set up your Indiego Hugo website


Minimal config in config.yml

  1. baseURL: your site’s web address
  2. title: The name of your site
  3. theme: The name of your theme. If you change this from indiegomin, then you need to change the name of the theme folder as well.
  4. author > name: Use your own name, not mine
  5. author > email: Ditto email
  6. params > description: The description of your site
  7. params > publisher: The organisation publishing the content, used in microformats
  8. params > publisherLogo: The publisher’s logo, in a bitmap format, set to 220 pixels × 220 pixels
  9. params > twitter: Your Twitter handle
  10. params > facebook: Your Facebook handle
  11. params > email: Your (public facing) email address, used for web sign-in on the IndieWeb
  12. params > googleplus: Your Google+ handle
  13. params > fbapp_id: Your Facebook App ID, to enable posting
  14. params > tel: Your (public facing) phone number, as a single number with country prefix (eg +447398474064) used for web sign-in on the IndieWeb

I know, 14 things is a lot of config. But it’s worth it.

Some graphical things to get you moving

  1. A logo for the home page! All graphics are stored as individual components in the theme folder ./src/modules/components/graphics
  2. A favicon. To get properly setup with favicons, look at using the awesome Favicon Generator
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